Audi Finance Contract Hire for the Self Employed

Audi finance have a brilliant contract hire deal available for small businesses and for the self employed which is great if you don’t want the responsibility of being a car owner. The cost of the monthly payments will depend of course on the model you choose but there are also a few other details you need to agree on. Namely you will need to decide on how long the contract hire will be for and you can choose anything from 12 to 48 months. You then have to workout how much mileage you will do in a year. Finally if you don’t want the hassle of servicing and maintaining the car then you can choose a plan that includes these and even includes replacing the tyres.

At the end of the agreement then you just had the car back. However do make sure it is in good condition as you could be subject to excess charges if the dealership identify excessive wear and tear and excess mileage.

What are the benefits of Audi Finance Contract Hire?

You can have Audi Finance contract hire whether you are a personal customer or a business customer. Moreover there are many benefits to choosing this option. if you just want to pay a monthly rental for a car and then have the option of changing it regularly with no worries about part exchange then this deal is for you. As you are not the legal owner of the car you don’t have to be concerns of an owner and you just give it back at the end of the payments period. Unlike other deals there is no final balloon payment at the end so you haven’t got that hanging over you either.

It is also a great deal if you are self employed or a business owner. This is because you should be able to off set a part of you payments against your tax. Also if you are VAT registered the you may be able to get back the VAT part of the payment. Choosing the servicing maintenance and tyres will also make it easier for you to cover these costs through your business.